taboo is an activity that is forbidden or sacred based on religious beliefs or morals. Breaking a taboo is extremely objectionable in society as a whole…but who doesn’t break rules?

I can show you how, in about 10 – 15 minutes, I can easily make US$30-50 very easily and safely, with little to no effort.

I don’t recommend this because, as I said, people get greedy and end up losing focus and getting stung. As you can see in the pictures below, it’s so easy I’ve done it several times in one day, but that’s not why or what I want to show you. I want to show you how to combine lots of little income that are easy and achievable and allow you to not worry about money.

Super taboo subject – gambling – especially online, but when you’ve read books and found a solid method that works and you use it once a day, it’s a viable and sustainable way to make extra money.

For those of you super rich guys thinking… “why play so low when you know you’re going to win?” That’s because it’s safe and smart, but if you want to give me a bunch of money and do the same thing at a higher level – Yes I can too because it’s all relative.

  • Do they allow players to use the method? YES 
  • Even in live casinos? YES
  • Is it legal? YES  
  • Can you lose? OF COURSE but with this method, the risk is minimized
  • Why don’t I just do this alone and use a higher budget? – because that’s greed and right now I don’t need to make lots of risky money. I just want to make multiple sustainable income and show others how to do it safely.
  • Surely everyone would do this if it is possible to win every time? To be honest, there is a huge number of people that do this for a living and when someone finds a system that works, well they don’t want to share it for fear of casinos catching on and having their accounts banned and blocked. This won’t happen because the aim is to do it once a day and still derive a decent income and not show up on any radar.

Get in touch with me for guidance – fast money isn’t the answer, but it’s a solid way to make some steady money from anywhere.

These are the withdrawals on the same day that I said I was too greedy on, really once a day is enough and safe.